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Plumbing & Draining SERVICES BRISBANE

Plumbing & Draining

New Installations

Whether it be new homes, extensions, renovations or commercial applications, we have complete plumbing solutions available for your next project.

Burst Pipes & Water Leaks

Water leaks at your property can often result in damage. We will locate and fix these leaks while keeping the damage to a minimum.

Hot water Systems

Qld or not, The last thing you need is a cold shower, right!? Our team are on hand to diagnose your hot water system issue. We repair, replace and relocate all types of hot water systems and can advise you the best option for your needs and budget.

Blocked Drains

Stormwater not getting away? Toilet not flushing properly? Basin draining slowly? Kitchen blocked? Whatever the blockage may be we have the specialist tools to locate and fix the problem, getting you back to normal quicker.

Stormwater Solutions

It’s certain we know how to get a good storm in South East Queensland. When that time comes you want to know your property can handle it. If you have noticed problem areas of surface water not getting away from your home, it’s wise to address this. Water can damage the foundations of your property if not dispersed correctly.Call us today to rectify the problem. We have machines on hand to install a new Stormwater solution, Quick smart!

Tapware Replacements

Looking for a cost effective method of updating your bathroom, kitchen or laundry? Updating taps to flick mixers and shower heads to adjustable rails can really modernize your look for a fraction of the price of a full bathroom renovation. Call us today to explore the many options or visit our SHOP page to see our mixer and shower options.

Toilet Replacements

Updating the old throne will do wonders for modernizing your space. See our SHOP page for options ready to install right away. We also offer toilet seat replacements here too.

 Water filters

The quality of drinking water to you and your family should be a priority. Whist town water is safe for consumption, adding a water filtration unit to your sink is a great way to improve the taste and quality of the water you are drinking.

✔  Fridge Water Supply

Have you just purchased a new fridge with an ice and water dispenser? Moved to a new house that doesn’t have a water supply for your fridge? Call us today to install a fridge tap from your closest water supply and get you up and running.

Rainwater Tanks

Here in South East Queensland, rain water harvesting is a very useful option – with the price of town water ever increasing, contact us today to arrange a quote for a rainwater tank and make the most of nature’s free water supply.

 Water Efficiency Certificates

Here at GJR Plumbing we are fully licensed to carry out these certifications particularly useful to landlords, businesses and real estate offices.T hese certificates are a requirement to be able to charge water rates to tenants, in turn saving you money! Call us today for more details or a quote.

Plumbing System Inspections

Looking for peace of mind with a new home purchase? GJR offers you a comprehensive report of your overall plumbing system, highlighting any potential problem areas to safeguard your pride and joy.

Backflow prevention/ Testing

GJR Plumbing is fully endorsed and accredited through the QBCC to test all forms of backflow devices. Call us for a quote on any valve installations or annual testing requirements.




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